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“The Thirteenth Step offers a heart- filled story of redemption from the ravages of alcohol. This book is important to read for alcoholics, for those seeking recovery from any substance abuse, for those seeking improved mental health and spiritual health wherever needed, for doctors and caregivers within drug treatment programs, and for anyone interested in learning more about Native American religious expression.  Twelve step recovery programs strive to awaken that sense of goodness in us all- that The Creator loves us and wants us to accept our innate power to make ourselves whole. “The Thirteenth Step” is about that awakening. Robert Hayward is a beautiful writer. I am a rough and tough reviewer… I NEVER say someone is a beautiful writer unless…. quite rarely found… they truly are. Robert has done this story proud. It is incredible what he has written. It is important!!!”

John H. Halpern, MD
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School
Director of the Laboratory for Integrative  Psychiatry
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Division
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Research Center

“The story in this book has a purpose about life, meaning that you whole life will be changed to a better way of life, because there is a good spirit within us.”

(Translated from the Navajo language)

Jerry Etcitty Sr.
Navajo Tribe; Father, of the Salt Clan, Mother, of The Left Hand People
Roadman and former Vice President of The Native American Church of The United States

Tom Pfingsten, of The North County Times, recently wrote a piece about Robert Hayward and The Thirteenth Step.

Please read the full review here: The North County Times review of The Thirteenth Step

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