About the Book

The Thirteenth Step is the true story of one man who had an appointment with destiny that began long before his birth, and unfolded in ways that are nothing short of miraculous. Written by a Native American that had been completely separated from his culture and heritage through government boarding school programs foisted upon his grandmother, then mysteriously pulled back to his roots and spiritual way of life by the unrelenting wheels of fate. A chance meeting with a medicine man at age 14 on the reservation introduced him to an ancient world of Native Mysticism that ended up saving his life 26 years later in the very same location that he met this prophet, after falling into an out of control lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. Unable to control his progressive addictions, his life rapidly spirals downward, nearly losing everything, including his life. He enters into his first ceremony a hopeless and dying drunk, and walks out 12 hours later completely sober, never to return to alcohol again, exactly as predicted. It took 12 steps from where he sat in that tipi to walk to the door, then took his thirteenth step outside into fresh snow, all previous tracks gone, a new life awaiting him. The lessons and wisdom he learned in the tipi that night, in this ancient and sacred ceremony, is spelled out for everyone to learn from in this book, in great detail. From this wisdom comes forth a novel concept, a new and final step to the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, that adds finality and strength to the alcoholic/addicts quest for total healing from this endless cycle of despair. The Thirteenth Step; An end to the need to constantly label oneself an alcoholic or addict, no longer affirming the negative,  building on the positive, and bringing power and strength to the “powerless”. This is the first time this ceremony has been revealed to the general public, and took years to get the permission to write it. Because of the great inevitability that this secret wisdom will help those who cant seem to get beyond their addictions, and because the internet will eventually expose this ceremony, very possibly in the wrong context, it was allowed to be written in this way, to show the truth and sacred holiness of this ceremony without distortion or libel, while still maintaining those aspects of this ceremony that must be forever hidden kept that way. This is a groundbreaking expose and a new paradigm in recovery who’s time has come, and will change millions of lives, while also entertaining and educating the reader along the way.  This book is for anyone who wants to improve their life,  connect with the natural world, and reconnect with the illusive spirituality that holds the key to our complete happiness as spirits having a human experience, not the other way around. This is the first book in a series about this way of living powerfully, using simple, ancient Native concepts and non-linear thinking.

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