The Thirteenth Step - One Man's Odyssey of Recovery

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Robert Hayward, published book author, certified drug and alcohol counselor, motivational/educational speaker, and Native American from the Ho-Chunk Winnebago tribe, tells a true and very personal, gut wrenching and heartwarming account of his 26 year struggle with drugs and alcohol, and a very uplifting story of victory and freedom from that destructive lifestyle. From casual use starting at age 14, he eventually becomes dangerously involved in drug manufacturing and distribution, hopelessly addicted and flirting with death from angry competition and out of control alcoholism. As a last, desperate cry for help, he winds up in an ancient Native American all night tipi ceremony, something a reclusive medicine man had predicted 25 years earlier, at the very same location.

This groundbreaking story reveals for the firsts time ever the details of the Native American Church Ceremony, allowing the reader inside this sacred and jealously guarded prayer service, to take part in every aspect of the oldest Pan-Tribal traditional ceremony still practiced regularly by hundreds of thousands of Native Americans.

The wisdom and teachings from that ceremony reveal one last and final step to all 12 step programs, stripping away the conventional theories of powerlessness and permanent addiction and alcoholism, and replace it with permanent recovery, self-impowerment, and positive living. Not only for those who suffer from these problems, this book is for all people who yearn for inner peace and serenity, and a more spiritual way of life. Ancient solutions to modern problems; a book like no other. To contact the author, email at:

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